Construction of pipelines outfalls with polyethylene (PE)

Sewage Water

Instalacion de Tuberias Pead, lecho marino, acueducto ,alcantarillado,emisario

Figura Nº 1. Instalación de Tuberías PEAD

The treated wastewater is normally leads to the discharge area of the receiving environment at a certain depth and distance from the coast. An output of deep water provide excellent dilution of wastewater. The depth will vary output in a range of 10-60 m, depending on the self-purification capacity of the receiving environment. The receiver means may be a river, lake or sea. Read more

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

A scientific study shows that the environmental footprint of plastic pipes is of medium equivalent to a third of the alternative materials

Lecho Marino, Tuberías PEAD, Alcantarillado, Acueductos Submarinos

Figura Nº1. Lecho Marino
Fuente: Elinsubca C.A

A new study, the prestigious independent Institute for Technological Research of Flanders (VITO), funded by the European plastic pipes industry is conclusive in its results: the plastic pipes are more sustainable than alternative materials.

The results indicate that, on average, plastic pipes have an environmental footprint that is two-thirds less than that of the piping systems materials such as concrete, copper or ductile iron.

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How an outfall works?

Treatment system that uses the purification capacity of the sea:

cumana, Emisario submarino, Tuberías Polietileno (PEAD), Instalación de Tuberias

Figure No.1 Venezuelan coast.
Source: Elinsubca C.A

Waste of human origin have come to the seas for thousands of years, where there has been the assimilation of this organic load through the purification capacity of the ocean. In the past, when we lived in settlements with small populations could live in balance with the environment without waste represent a pollution problem because it came through rivers and runoffs in concentrations they remained below the purifying capacity these natural areas. However, today we have adopted a lifestyle that has led to the creation of highly populated cities, being necessary to continue taking advantage of the immense purification capacity that provides oceans but requiring a device to help transport wastewater to remote areas of shorelines. Read more

Debugging System for Outfall (SIDES).


Figure No. 1. Sinking Pipe HDPE Source: Elinsubca C.A

A purification system for outfall – SIDES (term used by ELINSUBCA) is an intelligent solution for the treatment of both industrial wastewater and domestic, which uses the purifying capacity of the ocean to degrade the organic load contained in municipal effluents, in balance with the marine ecosystem.

Its operation can be explained by separating it into 6 main stages:

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Sewer pipes Polyolefin have a lifespan of 100 years

Figura 1. Fabrica de Tuberías            Polietileno. Fuente: Pipelife  Norge AS

Figure 1. Pipe Factory
Source: Pipelife Norge AS

Systems polyolefin sewer pipes have a life expectancy of at least 100 years. This is the conclusion of a recent two-year project commissioned by TEPPFA (Trade association Representing manufacturers and national associations of plastic pipe systems in Europe) and independently analyzed by Professor Heinz Dragaun of the School of Higher Education (TGM) in Vienna . The project involved the excavation of many samples of pipe networks in service were tested and evaluated under laboratory conditions meticulous. It is expected that the results of the analysis and conclusions of this work have a favorable influence on those sewer operators facing large capital investments in new or replacement networks. Read more